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Johannes Liechtenauer
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High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! Johannes Liechtenauer (also spelled Lichtenauer) was a 14th-century German fencing master. He was likely born in the early to mid 1300s, possibly in Lichtenau, Mittelfranken (Franconia). What little is known about his person is preserved, together with his teachings, in MS 3227a and later glossa by students of his tradition. According to this manuscript's author, Lichtenauer was a "great master" who had travelled to "many lands" to learn his art. In later, 15th century manuscripts, the "Liechtenauer's Society" (Gesellschaft Liechtenauers) is referred to as a group of fencing masters who considered themselves Liechtenauer's disciples, in possession of his teachings. The term is attested by Paulus Kal in the 1460s, and probably fell out of use in the late 15th century with the rise of the St. Mark's brotherhood.

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